DodgerBlast: Dodgers Miss out on Sheets

Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports reports that Ben Sheets will sign with the Oakland A’s today.
I was actually anticipating the Dodgers signing Sheets in a Randy Wolf-esque ‘post-New Year, after the dust settles and we can get ‘im cheap’ kind of maneuver.

Sheets = good pitcher, former Olympian, first round pick (10th overall) and four-time All-Star. That said, he’s VERY injury prone. But, dang – just like Wolf, he would have ended up as the Dodgers ersatz Ace.



  1. Countthechips

    The Dodgers make a big deal about signing their own players! Eithier, Kemp, Broxton, etc. Not even going after anyone else. Pitiful!!!

  2. Cave Dog

    Pitiful they didn’t re-sign Wolf in the first place. Oh well, maybe they’ll up parking to $20 and then look at Garland; oy vey!!!

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