Big Unit Retires: Randy Johnson, I’ll Miss Ya

Randy Johnson retired today. One of the most dominant pitchers in Major League history, the Big Unit was one of my favorites to watch over the last 20+ seasons. Since his day rocking a sneer as an Expo on the 1989 Donruss Card (limited edition ‘Rated Rookie’ – only 100,000, printed!) to the hirsute domination in the Kingdome in the 1990’s beyond his short-lived brilliance as an Astro, World Series winning as a Diamondback displacement as a Yankee and even as a hated Giant,
Randy always intimidated.

His herky-jerky-flamingo-whip arm action mad him nearly unhittable, his attitude was badass and his records speak for themselves:
303 wins, 3.29 Career ERA (in the steroid era!), 4,875 K’s, 1.17 career WHIP. . .and FIVE Cy Young Awards. . .the guy is an automatic First Ballot Hall of Famer.

To one of my favorites – thank you for the memories, Randy, may there never be another like you.



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