Tiger’s Share: Drama-Free Zone

Tiger’s Kobe-esque turn in the Media will NOT be accompanied by a Financial Demise, according to Forbes.
Other big Woods’ sponsors like Nike ( NKE news people ) and Electronic Arts ( ERTS news people ) have come out in support of Woods.
You would think consulting firm Accenture ( ACN news people ) might be anxious having made Woods the face of the company with its ubiquitous ads in the business press featuring Woods in action. Not judging by their Web site, which as of today still featured a picture of Woods covering half of its home page with the slogan: “Opportunity isn’t always obvious,” as Tiger lines up a golf shot in a field of cactuses.
Electronic Arts and Nike have been with Woods for more than a decade and both have strong partnerships. Electronic Arts this year released its 12th version of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf videogame, and each year it is one of the best-selling sports videogames on the market.
Nike announced Tiger’s arrival when he turned pro in 1996 with the ad campaign of “Hello World.” The Swoosh’s golf business was almost nonexistent when Woods turned pro and 14 major championships later the division puts out golf apparel, balls and equipment and has annual sales of $800 million.
Is this the end of Tiger and his financial empire? Hardly. We estimate that Tiger is halfway to his first billion dollars in terms of net worth. No doubt this scandal is going to slow down his march to be the first athlete worth $1 billion, but he will get there. If you stripped away all of Woods’ income this year from appearances, golf course design and endorsements (except Nike) and only totaled his prize money (including his FedEx ( FDX news people ) Cup bonus) and his Nike deal, Woods would have earned $55 million.

*Thank you Forbes for this story.*


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