LeBron = Literal Haaaaaaaa

GrandMaster LeBron wants NBA Players to ‘Retire’ Jersey #23
My favorite part of the ordinance from the selfish, billionaire-aspiring, crybaby, self-aggrandizing LeBron is

“Now, if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.”

Remember, folks – he is the ‘King’ or ‘God’ or whatever else he claims.
Mr. Dominant has ZERO rings last time I checked and was dunked on by a college player – fair enough – but is SO self-conscious him & his handlers wouldn’t allow the video to be released.
Screw LeBron, screw what he stands for (himself), and screw the supporters that claim his superiority over Kobe, DWade, etc.
Until he wins, he can screw off.
And that, folks, is my take for the weekend.


  1. Colonel

    Fair enough about LeBron…but the bigger issue is the idea of retiring Jordan’s number in general. It just seems ridiculous to me that they would do it in Miami, let alone in every arena. I wonder now that attention has been brought to the idea how easy it’s goign to be for anyone else to get the #23 jersey. Even if they don’t officially retire it, I wonder if within a few years you see that nobody wears #23 because of some unwritten rule…

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