Dirty Dodgers: Scouting Shakedown/ODog on Torre

McCourt Divorce Fallout Begins to Affect Organization
Kudos to Bill Plaschke for scooping the story on George Genovese, an 87-year old legendary scout, who received a 56% pay CUT off of his already lowball $18,000 salary.

George Genovese

Obviously the man is 87 and doing something he loves, so this isn’t your typical Plaschke "cry me a river" story – the fact is that this is INDICATIVE OF HOW THE MCCOURTS WILL RUN THE ORGANIZATION MOVING FORWARD. You start at the bottom, hoping nobody will notice, you pick on the little guy, you essentially begin ripping the guts out of the organism. Scouting is the lifeblood of baseball, and in the not-too-distant future you may see the Dodgers becoming the Pirates. . .comparatively, the Yankees sent TEN scouts to an NLCS game, to scout between two big league clubs. That allocation of resources is what separates the Champions from the Chumps.

The underrated Ramona Shelburne (one of a trio of solid & underappreciated DailyNews sports writers along with Tom Hoffarth & Jill Painter) writes the story that didn’t exist through the pennant chase, getting the insight on Orlando Hudson’s disappointment in Torre’s treatment of his situation as the season ended. O-Dog is very respectful (referring to the manager as "Mr. Torre") and as classy as ever, while objectively stating that he was never spoken to in first-person by Torre regarding why Ronnie Belliard received most of the starts & AB’s down the Dodger pennant chase, and throughout the Playoffs.
Now I love Orlando Hudson, but the Ronnie Belliard acquisition came during a time that O-Dog was moderately injured, and once Ronnie was in the lineup he didn’t stop hitting (Until the NLCS, but that’s a different story. Obviously Hudson won the Gold Glove and is superior defensively, but Belliard injected a different kind of ‘energy’ into the lineup and on the ballclub. VERY tough decision, and Hudson handled it well; that said, no way he’ll want to come back, and I personally thank him for a great season and wish him the best.


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