Simply Mo





Congratulations to Mariano Rivera and the New York Yankees.

Rivera had five saves in five opportunities and a 0.56 earned run average in 12 postseason appearances in 2009, including the clinching game.

Rivera has now pitched the final out in nine series finales, including in the 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009 World Series.

To the city of New York and the State of Baseball – congratulations on #42. He’s the last #42 to play the game, and the ONLY closer to maintain 15 straight seasons of pure dominance. With one pitch.

Simply amazing.

Simply Mo.



  1. BuFFaLo BiLLieVe

    If we played Fantasy Baseball and i had a 1,000 caps and everyone else had 300 caps, some other had 600 caps. Would I still feel good if I won at the end of the year ??


  2. Big R Skanky

    You wouldn’t feel good? If there aren’t any rules against it what is the problem? They should win it every year with that type of payroll and it should only be a story if they don’t. How about Joe G’s teeth?

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