Great L.A. Times Dodger Divorce (Business) Precap Today

Can anybody get the figures of Dodgers earnings/loss under the McCourts?
Seems the extravagant lifestyle espoused in Bill Shaikin’s McCourt Divorce Writeup included
"$400 dinners and $5,000 hotel rooms. . . always first class. Many of our travel costs are paid by the Dodger entities.""

Dodger fans, how do you feel about paying for that? Simers, of course, nails it as usual, but I’m curious as to why he left out the tidbits about Drew McCourt, the son caught in the crossfire (and also Dodgers Director of Marketing).

ps – Jamie refers to herself as the Face of the Franchise during her tenure (and prior to Frank firing her and changing the locks). You think Dodger fans agree?

More to come – it’s a long offseason here in Los Angeles, so let’s get focused on the World Series.


One comment

  1. Countthechips

    I am totally disgusted by the whole situation. My beloved Dodgers are going thru an undetermined rough patch. Not brought on by poor performance on the field. Nor bad managerial decisions. But, by the owners! How can a young Matt Kemp and others fully concentrate with a soap opera going on in the front office? A situation like this makes me reevaluate being a long time Dodgers season ticket holder.

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