NBA, Los Angeles: A Gift and a Curse

Ahhh, to be a professional basketball fan living in Los Angeles – it’s a Gift and a Curse.

Opening Day, NBA – L.A. Times Stories:
Lakers: Not Just a Championship, but 73 Wins?
The Clipper Curse Lives On

Most Angelenos are Lakers fans (Vic the Brick, Lakerline Scott, some are Clippers fans (This guy, my beautiful wife, Irene), and all convene at the Staples Center from November to June.

Well, in the Clippers fans case, it’s more like late April. . .and I had such high expectations for the Clippers this year too:
Baron Davis = lost 20 pounds
Chris Kaman = lost the caveman hairdo
Marcus Camby = lost the ‘I’m on the second-tier L.A.’ stigma
DeAndre Jordan = lost the training wheels, ready to rock
Eric Gordon = lost the disrespect of somehow not being named All-Rookie despite 16ppg
Al Thornton = almost lost his starting job, but he’s back
but unfortunately, the Clippers LOST Blake Griffin.

I could get into the Clipper Curse, but it’s been discussed ad nauseum, including an excellent yet typically verbose and self-serving piece from Bill Simmons. While ‘curses’ may or may not actually exist, my personal history as a Clipper fan stems back to the days of my intense basketball card collection, spanning the days of the 1990 Hoops Danny Ferry Rookie Card where he was chilling in Italy, after spurning the Clips.

Furthermore, my Dad (heretofore referred to as ‘The Count’ actually went as far as to purchase season tickets for us during their ‘magical’ run in 1992-1993 with Ron Harper, Danny Manning, Mark Jackson – coached by the legendary vagabond Larry Brown – when they actually made the Playoffs (on the strength of their .500 record), so I have always remained tied to the franchise, with the fortunate ‘out’ of having an even stronger Laker foundation with Magic, Kareem, et al.

Fact is, this Blake Griffin injury debacle may or may not be long-term debilitating to Sterling’s guys; it could be a Greg Oden one year deal, or it could be a Ralph Sampson debacle. Either way, the Clippers need to do something DRASTIC to rid their franchise of the woebegone mentality. The curse wasn’t removed when they left San Diego, certainly didn’t lift when they abandoned the Sports Arena to formally become a JV squad, so in short – they need to change the entire identity of the franchise.

That isn’t going to happen, though – so in alliance with keeping the balance of life, allow the show to go on and the NBA season to commence. Should be a great season, as the Lakers win another title, and the Clippers continue down the cursed path.

Peace it, Lovett and Keep it Rocking,




  1. P

    It’s not a curse when your top player (Brand) decides to leave on his own. That’s ownership and management.

    p.s. if they were truly cursed then Brand would have gone to the sixers and been an MVP candidate instead of being out with an injury his first season there.

  2. countthechips

    There certainly is a Clipper jinx. There is also an Angel jinx. The only true LA sports teams are the Dodgers and Lakers!

  3. Colonel

    Vick the Brick and Lakersline Scott are the best examples of Lakers fans you could come up with? And is the only picture you have of your wife really a zoomed out picture of a group of four people. 😉

    It’s definitely bad awful clipper management.

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