DeadSpin and Blogs: You Serious?

Amongst other major issues and concerns with New Media, blogs have rocketed into the stratosphere (blogosphere? cmon) as ‘go-to’ sources of information for the average consumer. This recent Deadspin/ESPN controversy is a perfect example of the over-saturation of coverage as well as the over-proponderance of coverage on an issue. In this case, an issue that should have remained private.

Fanhouse has an excellent analysis of the potential legal issues HERE, but the fact remains in my mind that this tripe should not be for public consumption, at least not in this fashion.

As a reflection on society, we can start with existential issues such as why should we care, and we can also delve into nuances such as how did this become public as well. Fact is, though – this would not have received coverage even ten years ago. Yes, the world has evolved and life – specifically media – have changed, and proliferated society. It’s a sad fact that we do need to address issues such as this, especially in a sports-related realm, which has always remained somewhat insulated from the celebrity-laden what is this starlet doing at this hour type of US Weekly coverage.

That said, as technology advances, people become more enveloped in their own interests, and creature comfort/excesses become more prevalent, consumers have more ‘time’ to care about useless facts & stories due to laziness disguised as ‘efficiency.’

The world will continue to devolve in this regard, and the standards of journalism will be corrupted by the incessant ‘need’ for major media outlets to progress their Twitter feeds, and enhance their Facebook pages.

Bloggers are not reporters, myself included. The world structure is as such that the lines are beyond blurred – I’m not sure people even care what is real news, so long as they get it first. . .and it’s salacious.

Embarrassing, really – and a non-story in my mind. More macro-discussion on this topic down the road, but I just wanted to give you a Friday introduction to my mindset.

As always, thanks for reading.


One comment

  1. jose bernstein

    I gotta say, Shane – did not know you had such eloquent, lucid thoughts about media… Honestly? Y’all just kiltit right there…

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