DodgerBlast: Epic

At least I had Vin Scully to soothe me through the brewing disappointment while idling on the 405.

Somehow the team with the best ERA in the National League throughout the regular season can’t throw strikes – nor pitch scoreless frames – when it comes to the League Championship Series, but that much was evident heading into the Playoffs.

Padilla was Padilla and the bullpen was irrelevant – the day after Colletti locks up his long-term deal, Garland was off the roster, Thome appeared only in the on-deck circle, and Belliard’s soon-to-be-gone-and-would-be-starter, ODog, managed the final Dodger run, a lonely homerun.

Back to Vin Scully, though – his final Dodger broadcast of 2009 began with a chill-engendering soliloquy about the beauty of playoffs, baseball & broadcasting itself:

"I wish you could be here with me today on this beautiful, 63-degree October evening in Philadelphia. I sit here with piles of numbers – home numbers, road numbers, daytime numbers, evening numbers, numbers about who did what against whom. If you don’t mind, allow me to discard all of this information for one night – the only number that matters right now is ‘Five,’ as in Game Five, here tonight at Citizen’s Bank Park. . ."

Ahhh, if we only had Vin to guide us through this Yankees-Phillies World Series, which bytheway, should be EPIC. Two great teams, two great lineups and some darn good pitching. Congratulations to the Phillies – the better team did win.

And for Dodger fans, we head into our 20th consecutive offeseason of ‘waiting ’til next year,’ and looking forward to the mellifluous sounds of Vinnie.



  1. the phanatic

    Being a die-hard Phill sports fan growing up in NY who had to endure 25 years of losing, I know whats its like to be on the short end of a playoff series. Since post-season success is still an extremely novel phenomenon for us, we have yet to turn into sore winners a la mass-holes from Boston. So heres a tip of my ballcap to the Dodgers for a series well played and I hope we meet again in the 2010 NLCS.

    I will leave the trash talking until after we win our 2nd straight WS (after all I need to save some good material for the off-season)

  2. Jbizzy360

    Yankee – Phillies, Epic but coooooldddddddddd. Its perfect weather for Baseball in SoCal! Oh well…Go Yanks!

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