DodgerBlast: A Response to that Idiot Plaschke

October 21st, 2009
So Bill Plaschke – once AGAIN on his soapbox – harangues Manny horrifically for prematurely showering and not ‘being with teammates’ during the 9th inning Broxton Fail the other night. . .understandable, but the fact is that Manny routinely did this during the season.  When a defensive replacement comes in the game, Manny hits the showers.  The same as a starting pitcher, the same as a player that’s been removed.  If Torre is okay with this, then the fans should be as well.

And yes, Bill – Manny IS treated differently, as well as he should be; that was part of the deal of accepting him on the squad, and a known part of his so-called baggage.  The man cares about the game, cares about the team, but works on his own agenda.  There is no question about his dedication and hard work, so if he wants to clean up (again, with Torre’s blessing), then let him.

And as we know (well ‘we’ doesnt include Plaschke), Manny actually has a superior perspective on the Game (and life?) than does a certain numbnuts columnist. . .did you not forget his infamous quote in 2007, after the Red Sox fell in the hole three games to one (hmm, sound familiar?) against the Indians in the ALCS,
It’s not like it’s the end of the World” if the Red Sox were to lose. . .

Guess what?  The Red Sox came back and won the series.  And the World Series. It’s that same, carefree, Manny-being-Manny milieu pervading the Dodger clubhouse that will ideally enable them to shake off the devastating loss and move forward, “one game at a time.”

Hopefully, the next shower we hear about from Manny involves champagne.


One comment

  1. Jimmy Bizzaro

    I don’t know man…the regular season is one thing…but the playoffs? Torre is too nice sometimes…The older he gets the more laid back he becomes….that’s why the Yankees stopped winning world series…the older and nicer Torre got, the more self-centered his stars became…We all know Manny is self centered to begin with….ITS THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!! STAY IN THE DUGOUT WITH YOUR TEAMMATES! Baseball is so much about chemistry, vibe, superstition, etc….Make no mistake, the Red Sox had great chemistry when they won it and one of the reasons why Manny was never happy was because Francona didn’t let him do whatever he wanted….Why else would they trade a hitter of that caliber ? He’s such a tremendous hitter…If he possessed a tad bit of leadership he would be revered like Jeter…

    Now that I’m down from my soap box, I do think Manny brings a lot of other value beside his bat….From what I can tell he’s actually helped the chemistry of the Dodgers making baseball fun, helping out youngsters, etc…BUT COME ON ITS THE PLAYOFFS! yeah yeah MBM

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